When it comes to omega-3 for kids, there are some nutrients more vital. But, before you buy fish oil for children it is recommended to spend the time reading this article. There are a few risks, primarily due to mercury contamination.

Before we dive into the dangersof omega-3, let’s consider the advantages of omega-3 for children. Studies have proven that the supplements can be beneficial to omega-3 liquid fish oil for teens  children who suffer from attention deficit disorder and behavior problems. A lower IQ scores have been linked to low blood levels of certain omega-3s.

These benefits can be used to treat asthma, allergies and other conditions that cause inflammation. As teens age, there are benefits that have been observed in treating acne as well as reducing depression that may accompany it. Parents relied  on fish oil for children to help keep their kids healthy and we know that there are many benefits to digestion.

Pediatricians are concerned about the rising levels of blood triglycerides as well as the uneven cholesterol in adolescents and young children in particular those who are overweight or obese. To lessen the risk of heart disease, some recommend regular use of statin drugs.

Others are suggesting fish oil to children with excess cholesterol and imbalanced triglycerides since it’s safer. Statin drugs may interfere with the production coenzymeQ10. The muscles die when they have too little COQ10. Muscle pain is the initial warning sign.

One of the worries that doctors have about suggesting omega 3 for children is the lack of regulation in the supplement industry and the threat of contamination with mercury. Similar to lead, a heavy metal the consumption of mercury causes learning disorders and brain damage. Even small amounts can be harmful.

Before you purchase fish oil for your children Learn about the standards which the manufacturer uses to determine the purity of the product. If the standards are strict Then look for evidence that the supplements comply with the standards. A certificate of analysis , or COA is the proof. It should read “not detected” on the line that is adjacent to the mercury content.

The analysis must be performed by an independent laboratory and the company that manufactures the omega 3 formula for children must identify the laboratory’s name. Each batch must be tested, and the batch number should be added to the COA.

Other substances can also be harmful, such as PCBs. PCBs have been outlawed, yet they remain in the world. You should check the manufacturer’s position on contaminants like PCBs before you purchase fish oil for your kids.

Independent laboratory tested one of the largest brands in America and discovered PCBs that were high in levels. Omega-Pure is the name of the brand. Obviously, it’s not that pure.

One more thing that you should check for is the DHA content in the supplement you’re planning to buy. Docosahexaenoic also known as DHA is the most important omega-3 fatty acids for proper brain development and function. It is so important that infant formulas have been enhanced with it.

It’s difficult to undervalue the importance of omega 3 for children. The trick is to shop prudently.

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