Custom Paintball Guns

Custom Paintball Guns


Paintball guns, often called as paintball markers, are the primary equipment used to mark an opposite player with paint in the game of paintball. Custom paintball guns are the best option fo 38 special ammo  r those with specific requirements.

A variety of features must be considered when you are using a custom made paintball gun. They are the air system, gun accessories, and barrel. As there are a growing number of manufactures, choosing the best custom paintball guns is not an easy task.

Different types of custom made paint ball guns are available nowadays. ACI F4 Graffiti Series, 68AUTOMAG, Bob Long’s Dragon Intimidator, ANS GX-3 Chaos, and Tippmann 98 paintball guns are popular among them.

ACI F4 Graffiti Series is a very good looking gun. Venturi bolt in the gun helps to reduce ball breakage and provides high accuracy. ACI F4 Graffiti Series also features sub zero 4 stage expansion chamber and zero gravity combo barrel. 68AUTOMAG is one of the popular custom paintball guns. The power feed of this gun consist of molded grips and 68AUTOMAG star A.I.R. valve assembly. Bob Long’s Dragon Intimidator is commonly used custom paintball gun. Vertical regulator known as Torpedo is equipped in it. Three adjustments screws in this gun aids in controlling the trigger travel. It has three LCD display, and push button controls. ANS GX-3 Chaos features stainless steel ram, jackhammer II



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