Why Google SEO Is a Necessary Component of Google SEM

If one were to look at the world of Google superficially, one would think that all that they had to do was sign up for a Google AdWords account and they could then place advertisements for a website and Google would put their ads in favorable spots in search engine results so that fees could be earned on PPC clicks and people would come to your website where you could then sell your products and services to this increased traffic to make a profit.

They would be mistaken. Google looks Buy Google Reviews at many things about you and your site behind the scenes to determine whether or not your attempt at advertising with them will be rewarded with favorable positioning as you spend advertising budgets with them – and these things mostly have to do with SEO.

The first thing you need to realize when advertising on Google is what Google’s prime objectives are and one of the key things here is that they are looking to put quality search result content in front of those using their search engine. They want consumers of content to find what they are looking for when they search for something – and from whatever technology platform they choose to search from including desktops, tablets and mobile devices.

In fact, their Mission Statement even states this. Here it is: “To organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful.”

Key words in this mission statement spell out that they want to provide organized information (logically presented, linked and complete) that this information be universally accessible (all devices can be used to access it and from any location) and that it is useful (the information has quality, it has depth and it meets the informational needs of the person requesting it).

So now let’s look at placing your paid ads within the Google AdWords environment to try to gain some traffic from them. Let’s start with the first obvious question: Does Google know who you are? I submit to you that they want to know the answer to this question before they blindly accept you advertising money and promote you through their search engine.

To be known by Google, you must have registered your site with them through the Google Webmaster Console – this means at a minimum, submitting a sitemap.xml file for your site and getting your webpages indexed within their engine – both your desktop webpages and your mobile webpages. These are both SEO functions.

As of January, 2017, your website must be “Responsive” and must load onto viewing platforms within the 2-4 seconds allowed by Google. This means webpages must render properly on mobile devices as well as desktops and that they must load quickly – which often means pages need to be optimized for performance as well as content. Again, these are SEO tasks you need to complete.

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